Fun Anyone?

Dated: February 6 2021

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What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Organize a Budget Food Contest: Challenge your friends with the rules of cooking something for under $10. If you’re under Covid restrictions, plan a zoom meeting and judge the contest by looks instead of taste.

Free Films on YouTube: Typing “Full Movie” into a YouTube search brings up dozens of free films to watch. Check “Rotten Tomatoes” to gauge if they’re any good.

Go On a YouTube Marathon: It’s an amazing resource for fun and creative videos; go on a wild search for the funniest videos you can find.

Play Free Online Games: There are hundreds of free online games you can play. Check’s “Relaxing Games” guide for a start.

Search Wikipedia: Knowledge seekers can take advantage of this incredible free encyclopedia. Pick a random topic and you can spend hours finding out fascinating facts.


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